Subject: Re: Request for video card status
To: David Holcomb <>
From: Steven R. Weiss <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 10/30/1994 17:36:28
I have just now (for the very first time) booted MacBSD on my Mac II,
Using the NetBSD 1.0 binaries I found on that were
only two days old (10/27). I got past the point of logging in, so I guess
I got pretty far. I was getting excited about it, in fact. I typed a few
shell commands, then it hung :-(

My hardware is very standard, Mac II, 68881, PMMU, 8MB Ram, 80MB Quantum
Pro HD. I read the FAQ, the install instructions, and followed them to the
letter. I partitoned it as 4MB MacOS, 16MB Swap, 60MB root+usr.
I installed base10, netbsd10, etc10, and comp10. (via appletalk)
The only thing slightly odd is that I am using a Lapis Technologies
768x1024 1-bit Nubus video board to drive a 19" black and white Sampo monitor.

Dave Holcomb listed a bunch of 8 or 24 bit video cards showing which
ones (a) worked, (b) were reported to work and found recently not to work, 
and (c) were reported as not working. 

The install file that comes with NetBSD/mac68k claims:
>Supported devices on all of the above systems include:
[lines deleted]
>	Most basic NuBUS video cards (there have been some
>		problems with some 24-bit color cards)

So I didn't think that this card, being a 1-bit card, would cause me
any grief. By the process of elimination, I'm now beginning to suspect it.
Perhaps I forgot something? Any suggestions? TIA


Steve Weiss - Mac & Unix Lover -