Subject: Survey status
To: None <>
From: David Holcomb <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 10/30/1994 16:51:36
FYI, the survey results are rolling in!  50 people have
responded with 89 macines!

Maybe some kind soul out there can help me a bit.  I want
to list all the machines that are really the same but have
different labels.  If someone knows them all, or can point
me to a source with such a cross-referencing between the
models, I'd appreciate it.

As an example, I think the IIvi is the same as some other
machine, and some of the Performas are really the same
as some other machines (I think the IIvx and some of the
LC series have corresponding Performa models).

Here's a list of the current machines I have received
in the survey:

Q610, Q630, Q650, Q700, Q800, Q950, PM6100, PM7100,
PM7100av, PM8100, PM8100av, II, SE30, IIcx, IIx, IIfx,
IIsi, IIci, IIvx, C610, C650, C660av, PB145b, PB180c,
PB540, PB540c, Duo230

So if you know this information, please let me know:

   1) Which machines don't have a chance in hell of
      running MacBSD (I think the PB100 falls in this
      category, as would an SE, Plus, or anything
      pre-'040 w/o a PMMU.)  Again, a pointer to a
      list of all the Mac models and their basic
      hardware config would be okay too.
   2) Which machines are really the same (like, are
      there any major hardware differences between
      the PowerMac 7100 and 7100av?  Is a Centris 650
      the same as a Quadra 650?)

Thanks again for all your support!

--Dave Holcomb