Subject: Re: ADB Driver doesn't work with EMAC Silhouette Track Ball
To: grantham <>
From: None <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 10/29/1994 21:46:52 writes:
[stuff about EMAC Silhouette trackball not working deleted]
> Does anyone have any more information about the TrackBall behavior?
> What devices does it emulate?  For which addresses of a "TALK register
> 3" command does it answer?

As it happens, I was playing with the ADB manager recently.  :-)

The trackball emulates 2 devices:  an Apple mouse (device type 1,
original address 3), and an Apple Extended keyboard (device type 2,
original address 2, remapped to 0xF on my system because of the real
keyboard).  The keyboard device is there for the extra button on the
trackball which emulate keypresses.  You can program which keystroke it
sends with a 'listen 1'.

If you want me to find out how it responds to specific ADB commands,
let me know.

- monroe
Monroe Williams