Subject: Re: mirrors or
To: David Holcomb <>
From: jim howard - <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 10/28/1994 20:46:29
David Holcomb writes:
> Also, there are no copies of the *old* MacBSD archives on any of the
> above mirrors that I could find.  If you know of a source for those
> old archives, please let me know.  They were once on
> I wonder if hulk makes backups to tape.  Perhaps someone there could
> be really nice and retrieve the files off a backup so I can put them
> in a more permanent location.

i have the following on tape from nov'93 
	files 1-13.tar.cpt.bin
	other misc from novemberish
	mail archives: 	dev.09-26 to 11-01 (1993)
			gen.09-22 to 10-16
			gen.10-16 to 11-03
			orig.05-07 to 09-22

	from january'94,
	alpha2 tars, several kernels, etc.

pretty much everything that was in the netbsd/mac
ftp sites on november 20th, and january 3rd
i can try to find a way to get all this to you
if you want to archive it somewhere...

-jim howard