Subject: Another 1.0-BETA data point...
To: None <>
From: Stan Shebs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 10/28/1994 17:39:50
   - In trying to debug the dt problem, I found that gdb seems to have a
   lot of problems debugging a running process, even when the program
   being debugged has been compiled with optimization off.  Most variables
   show up with zero values, I get random messages saying "address not
   accessible - no such process" (or something like that), and it
   occasionally drops into the kernel debugger on the console with some
   odd message about interrupts (I was able to continue and keep running,

Unless someone has secretly added huge improvements to MacBSD GDB, I'm not
surprised to hear of problems.  JT Conklin ( has been
coordinating improvements coming in for various BSD versions, and he's
not done yet.  As GDB manager at Cygnus and owner of several Macs, I
have some interest in getting GDB to work well under MacBSD.  (I currently
have cross-GDB running as a MacOS app, but that's a different project.)
In fact, my old IIci is now waiting to run 1.0, and if that works OK,
I'll be able to look at the GDB problems myself.

							Stan Shebs
							Cygnus Support