Subject: Re: Another 1.0-BETA data point...
To: None <>
From: David Holcomb <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 10/28/1994 20:14:58
> - One of my ADB devices (an EMAC Silhouette trackball) seems to wedge
> the boot process consistently at the same point every time.  (In the
> middle of the configuration message for the 'ite0' mini-console - the
> first two letters of the device name ('it') get printed, and then it
> hangs.)  I solved this by using an Apple mouse instead.

Wait until Brad's ADB changes have been made.  Then try the
trackball again.

> - Having Mode32 installed and 32-bit mode turned on seems to cause an
> infinite loop of "Panic:  kernel jump to zero" messages when booting.
> Booting in 24-bit mode works fine, though.  (This could be a conflict
> with something else, but after turning off Mode32 fixed the problem I
> didn't pursue it any further.)

I'll make sure I try this on my machine.  It needs to be in the

> - The latest version of dt (the one put on cray-ymp Oct. 26 by David
> Holcomb) dumps core when I have my RasterOps 264 video card installed.
> I don't have a monitor to attach to it right now anyway, so I removed
> the card and dt works great.  BTW, this card _did_ work with the
> multi-screen code in the pre-dt virtual consoles, and it appears to be
> recognized and configured correctly during boot.  I think dt is doing
> something bad on multi-screen setups.  :-(

I am using that version of dt with 2 monitors.  No problems ever.

I'll check through the archives regarding the RasterOps 264 card.
I think someone else mentioned their success or failure with that
card before.

Are you using the built-in video?  Or did you switch in a different
video card?  Someone else reported problems with the internal video

> Overall, things look great.  Having the familiar arrow cursor pop up
> over the console screen is pretty strange.  I like it.  :-)  

Have you tried cutting and pasting between different virtual
terminals yet?  That's even cooler.

--Dave Holcomb