Subject: Re: Apologies to Franklin Chen
To: grantham <>
From: John E. Clark <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 10/28/1994 16:47:27
At 12:04 PM 10/28/94 -36507155, grantham wrote:
>P.S.  Does anyone know a cheap Prozac source?

Since the various laws prevent self-prescribed medication...
you are left with:

Deep breathing...streneous walls
(not necessarily in conjunction with one another..)

But aside from that, I don't recall seeing (but then I didn't
look) a file titled 'KNOWN-BUGS' in the cray-ymp.

Even more aside from that, supposedly the GNU gnats program
is supposed to allow for an organized approach to mailing
problem reports to a common 'mail-muxer' and getting the
mail-o-gram to the 'intended-stuckee'.

Of course that would require that some victim step up and
be the final destination of some set of problems.

Categories might be:

integral-video-adb-interface (I'm leaving serial I/O..)

And then there's just the general set of standard
utilities, which would defy detailed categorization.

John Clark