Subject: Re: A pattern in freezing
To: Franklin Chen <>
From: grantham <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 10/28/1994 09:13:24
> After a couple of brief sessions on my SE/30, each ending with things freezing
> after a shell prompt, I noticed a pattern:  it seems that whenever the prompt
> was showing up on the very last line of my 14" monitor, it froze.  I "tested"
> this hypothesis by doing "clear" a couple of times to avoid reaching the
> bottom line, and it seemed that I got further (I've been trying to last long
> enough to boot single-user and build dt to see what the heck it is--I never
> tried dt before).  Booting multi-user results in nothing productive because
> it turns out that by the time I get to log in and set the terminal type, the
> prompt lands on the last line of the screen :-).
> Anyone else notice this pattern?

I don't mean this to sound particularly mean, but does anyone on
this list know how to read?  (Sorry, Franklin.)  We've said AGAIN
and AGAIN that the current ADB driver has a problem with latency
while scrolling, and you need to run "dt" as soon as you can, or
use "clear" before the screen gets to scrolling, and if you must
scroll, always give the screen a moment to scroll before letting
up the return key.  We've basically answered your questions twice
in the last week.

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