Subject: Got 1.0 working better on my IIci
To: None <>
From: Chip Burkhead <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 10/27/1994 11:11:57
   Last night was a real good one for me. First of all I was able the
install the tcsh shell and it worked the first time. This was the one
compiled under NetBSD for the Amiga. I will post the site info later when I
can get to where it is written down. If you archie for it you will probably
see it. It is on a site in Germany with a really long name the file is:

   I also was able to get 1.0 to boot in multiuser mode; however I had to
tell it that I had 4M of RAM to get rid of the errors. I also did a make on
the newest dt source (yes, I found the man pages). Unfortunately, it did
not work properly. I get a core dump in addition to a number of errors. I
will post them after I run it again & write them down. However using clear
has kept me from hanging the system (most of the time). I still have the
one line scroll; but that may be fixed by getting dt working (or by using
^D & ^U in vi). Anyway I thought I would pass along my latest progress in
the hopes that it might help others.
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