Subject: Re: dt
To: mike j. laporte <>
From: David Holcomb <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 10/26/1994 18:05:36
> I'm having a problem with dt, it seems that now I cant cmd-o to open
> any new terminals, I get 3 on startup and I can't logout or login
> direct from a terminal either.  I get the not in login shell
> error message.
I tried the dt you are using, dated Oct 16.  It is located at:

You are right.  It seems to be crippled.  I don't know if Lawrence
is the one who updated it and put it in that directory.  If he is,
maybe there is something he wanted people to try out.

What I've noticed is:
   1) CMD-O does not open new vt's
   2) It only compiles for large or small font using "#if 1" in
   the code.  You can't specify "-f small" on the command line
   3) If you specify "-n 6" (or more) on the command line, you
   can only get a maximum of 5 vt's
   4) If you exit n-1 vt's, dt will terminate even though there
   is still one vt running.
   5) You can't CMD-SHIFT-2 to switch a vt to your second monitor
   (I believe none of the CMD- options work.)

Previous to this version of dt, I was using a version that worked
well for me on a Mac II.  I think I had to make a couple of small
changes.  I uploaded the one I am using to:

Feel free to give this dt a try.  I believe it originally came
from the.../for_testing/ directory.

With this older version, you can specify "-f small" and "-n 6"
on the command line to get a small font and 6 virtual terminals.
It will only open a max of 6 vt's.  If you have fewer than 6
open, CMD-O will open a new one.  CMD-SHIFT-2 will switch a
virtual terminal to a second monitor (provided you have a second
video card :).

If you find that this version of dt will only open a max of 4
virtual terminals for you (or fewer than 6), do this:

# cd /dev
# ls -FC *typ*
ptyp0 ptyp1 ptyp2 ptyp3 ttyp0 ttyp1 ttyp2 ttyp3
# mknod ptyp4 c 5 4
# mknod ptyp5 c 5 5
# mknod ttyp4 c 4 4
# mknod ttyp5 c 5 5

Then try opening another virtual terminal again.  You will not
have to exit dt to get the new vt.

You can mknod ptyp6..ptyp9 and ttyp6..ttyp9, but dt will not
open more than 6 virtual terminals.  I don't have time yet to
look through the code and see why this limitation exists.

--Dave Holcomb