Subject: Re: netbsd10 in 1.0-BETA crashes...
To: John E. Clark <>
From: grantham <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 10/26/1994 12:07:29
> Others have reported this, but I thought I'd add
> my own contribution...
> I also get a 'biodone already...' trap to the KDB.

I, too, get a "biodone already" when I try to link libX11.a with
objects that were compiled with "-g"; the library comes to a hefty
20M, and I'm sure I'm running out of paging space.  This is probably
a bug in the swapper/scsi driver that only manifests itself at
the limit of the swap partition.  I haven't spent any time finding
it but it should be simple enough to track if you have a couple
of evenings free, two bags of tostitos, a twelve-pack of coke,
and the Led Zeppelin box set.  Oh, you'll also need the kernel source
and a repeatable case.

> Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to narrow it
> down to any particular set of conditions.
> However, the question arose, if the minimal ite driver
> crashes on scrolling, and crashes on exiting of an invocation
> of dt in single user mode, how on earth does one get multi-user
> mode up?

Turn "Single user" off in the booter.

It's crashed for you when you quit dt?

Actually, it's not ite that crashes; it's the ADB driver, which
has seems to hose itself if it loses an interrupt.  This really
shouldn't happen, and it doesn't with other versions of the ADB
driver, so I don't think the problem is inherent with ite.

The basic answer is that it's not *supposed* to crash, so the
question shouldn't even need to be asked.  Hopefully this will
be resolved soon.

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