Subject: Re: netbsd10 in 1.0-BETA crashes...
To: John E. Clark <>
From: David Holcomb <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 10/26/1994 14:32:44
> Others have reported this, but I thought I'd add
> my own contribution...
> I also get a 'biodone already...' trap to the KDB.

If you find out what causes this, or what fixes it, please
let everyone know.  BTW, what system + config do you have?

> 3) Avoid terminal crash by judicious 'clear's and use of 'dt'.

The "clears" should only be necessary until you start dt.

> However, the question arose, if the minimal ite driver
> crashes on scrolling, and crashes on exiting of an invocation
> of dt in single user mode, how on earth does one get multi-user
> mode up?

In the Booter, go to Options->Booting, and then uncheck Single User.

I'm going to try running dt in single-user and see if it causes a
crash for me.

--Dave Holcomb