Subject: Re: Problem booting on SE/30
To: Franklin Chen <>
From: grantham <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 10/24/1994 11:06:17
> Yesterday night I installed base10, etc10, and netbsd10 on my SE/30
> and then tried to boot.  It never worked.  It froze after the message
> "Ser Console = 0" (or something like that), not even getting to the
> point of showing any gray bars.

Did it freeze or spontaneously reboot?  Did the screen clear?

> Here's some
> minimal info: 8 MB RAM, System 7.1, Mode32 1.5 (enabled or disabled
> depending on whether I boot with all extensions off, which I have
> tried).

The memory mapping stuff has been greatly improved (as evidenced by
the fact that MacBSD doesn't boot on your SE/30 anymore... :), so
I would suggest booting without any extensions or control
panels except for Mode32 and Memory, and make sure you are in 32 bit
mode.  Just a stab in the dark...

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