Subject: Re: IIvx with 1.0-BETA
To: Ben Cottrell <benco@CSUA.Berkeley.EDU>
From: David Holcomb <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 10/24/1994 03:04:23
> My saga is as follows. I formatted my 1 gb drive with HDT Primer into a
> root partition, a swap partition, and a MacOS partition to store the tarfiles
> and related junk in. I installed all of the 1.0-BETA tarfiles, and at a point
> during the installation noticed that when doing an ls on /, right after it
> listed the kernel, it would say
> fstat : No such file or directory.
> Question: Is this harmful? I assumed so, because I assumed that there was an
> entry called fstat in the directory for . and no inode.

This is a known bug in the installer.  I don't know if I ever remember
it *not* being there, although it was quite a while before I even paid
any attention to it.  You should ignore it. 

> So, I re-mkfsed and went through the exact same process, except making sure
> to keep my usage of the mini-shell to a minimum. When the exact same error
> occurred, I decided to try booting anyway, and let fsck deal with whatever it
> was.

Again, you do not have to start from scratch because of the fstat

> Then, I mkfs'ed a third time and this time only installed base10, netbsd10,
> and built the devices. I didn't enter the mini-shell this time, so I don't
> know whether the fstat error was still there. I tried booting again, and
> got exactly the same result.


> I thought that the 1.0 kernel worked on the IIvx except without ADB?

Me too.  But I don't have a IIvx.

>        * For the serial console option in the booting... dialog, what baud
>          rate does it set the serial port to? In other words, to what rate
>          should I set the terminal on the other end?

I believe it is (or was) 9600 baud.

>         * Should I subscribe to macbsd-programmer also? I'm not currently
>           involved with kernel hacking or anything, but I would like X11,
>           and I've heard that there was an announcement about that in
>           macbsd-programmer a while ago.

Probably the best way to find out would be to go ahead and subscribe.
Take the macbsd-development list for a test drive.  If it overwhelms
you, return it to the dealer.

(Oh, and if you do subscribe and it seems like weeks before you see
anything from the list, give it time.  Sometimes it takes a while to
warm up, kinda like, well, use your imagination. ;)

--Dave Holcomb