Subject: 1.0,MAC II, its up..its Good..SCORE!
To: None <>
From: mike j. laporte <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 10/24/1994 00:03:50

Mac II, 8 megs, 170 mac os drive, 160 meg bsd drive...

Blew away the .9 BETA_1 that I had slaved over for weeks and
went from scratch folloing the guidlines in the install docs.

That was slick...once I got base10,etc, and dt in it was 5 mins
before I had it running, total time 2hrs +/- a little. 

DT didnt need a recompile on this ran outta the box.

Now..if I had just tarred the files correctly on my backup I'd
have emacs and kermit ready in tar files.  But I tooled and
tarred the whole thing so I have to search the file for tem.

anyway....big time cudo's for the team...I expected a lot more
problems knowning that sooner than later there would be another
release.  The only real differnce I see is that overall its a tad

oh well....daystar card is in the works!