Subject: Re: Progress using NetBSD/Mac 1.0_BETA
To: None <,>
From: Scott Kaplan <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 10/24/1994 00:33:35
Chris wrote:
>> Is there a way, once in BSD, to see how much memory it
>> thinks it has?  I can check that and let you know what it's doing...
>The kernel _should_ print it out as one of the first things it does
>when booting.

Sure enough, it does print it out as one of the first things during
booting.  So, here's what happened: When I set it to 4 megs with the Auto
RAM sizing option off, it *stayed* at 4 megs according to the kernel.  When
I turn auto sizing on, it changes the setting to 8 megs correctly, but that
makes it lock up at that same file system checking point.

Maybe some parts of the IIci-specific code was overlooking for inclusion
into this latest kernel?  Lawrence, is there an older kernel for use with
the IIci that I should try out?