Subject: installation from appletalk volume
To: None <macbsd-general@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Michael Bradford <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 10/23/1994 12:49:53
I hope this isn't previously covered material, but I wanted to mention a 
clarification to what I think might be a misprint in the installation 
notes for NetBSD/mac68k. In the install notes it says that installation 
can be done only from a local mac drive:

	Installation is really only supported from the local Macintosh
	hard drive.  This means that you'll need at least enough room
	for the largest file that you will have to install.  This is the
	6.2M base10 file.  There has been talk of allowing an install
	from split files or over Appleshare.  If you have the time, desire,
	and knowledge, please feel free to add that functionality.

I have found this not to be the case. Both times I've installed NetBSD 
(0.9 and 1.0-beta) on my SE/30 I've installed from an appletalk volume. 
Since my SE/30 has only an 80M drive, I wanted only a minimal MacOS 
partition, so I repartitioned it as 6M MacOS, 62M root&usr (I didn't 
install the bsd games distribution or the misc archive), and 12M swap 
(enough for a medium loaded machine). 

At any rate, the way I installed the NetBSD distribution was by putting 
the distribution files on an appletalk volume mounted via ethernet from a 
Sun workstation running CAP. The trick as I found it was to put the 
installer in the same folder as the distribution files on the appletalk 
volume. If they weren't in the same place, the installer would puke on 
the carpet every time, but otherwise everything went ok. I also used the 
'zinstall' command from the installer shell, rather than the 'install' 
option from the pull-down menu, but I don't know that that had anything 
to do with it -- I just sort of like command-line interfaces.

Like I said, I hope this isn't old hat, but I've seen in a couple of 
messages to the list recently where people advised leaving enough room on 
the MacOS portion of the disk for the installation files. If you have an 
80M drive like I do, and can't see investing more $$ into an old SE/30,  
this wouldn't leave you enough room on the bsd side to do much of  
anything interesting -- even the way I installed it is very limiting, but 
that extra 6.2M really comes in handy, and I've never got so much use out 
of my mac as I have with netbsd.

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