Subject: Mac IIci status
To: None <>
From: Paul Goyette <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 10/23/1994 07:25:20
        stock Mac IIci (all Nubus cards and cache cards removed, except for...)
        E-Machines Futura-SX 24-bit video card
        Standard (old) Apple 13" RGB monitor
        24MB RAM (4x4MB in Bank A, 4x2MB in Bank B)
        Toshiba 1.2GB internal hard drive (MK538FB) at SCSI 0
                3 Mac partitions, no A/UX partitions
        Syquest  44mb (5.25") external drive at SCSI 1 - no cartridge loaded
        Syquest 270mb (3.5")  external drive at SCSI 2
                220MB Root & User partition
                 32MB Swap partition
        NEC dual-speed CD-ROM drive at SCSI 6 - no CD loaded

        (All disks partitioned using FWB's Hard Disk ToolKit, v1.1)

Installed everything from the BETA-1 kit (dated Oct. 20), and got the
latest copies of dt, hfs, and bash.

System boots up just fine, both in single user and non-single user modes.
However, startup messages always indicate that my monitor is a 320x240
monochrome, regardless of the settings on the Mac's Monitor control panel
just before the boot!

The ADB/Scrolling hang problem is still there, but judicious use of "clear"
and careful typing avoids the problem, most of the time.

System always comes up with time set to some wierd time - usually the right
date but never the right time!  Am able to set it with date command, but
always get a warning message:
        we read ret=a5, tmp=a5 (tmp+1) &0xff= a6
        WARNING: cannot set battery-backed clock.

At unreproducible intervals, the system will bomb into the kernel debugger
with a "panic:  biodone already" message.  Occassionally this even happens
during the startup sequence, but never in the same place.  I've also had
one instance with a "panic:: dupalloc" message but was unable to reproduce

These panics occur much less frequently if I set the Boot utility to ignore
my 2nd bank of RAM (uncheck the autosize box, and hard code a value of 12
or 16 in the entry field).  Most of the time, I can enter c at the debugger
prompt, and it will successfully sync the disks before rebooting.  But
sometimes, it goes into a retry loop, printing the digit 1 every few
seconds - is it trying to sync the sd1 disk, which isn't mounted and
doesn't even have a cartridge loaded?

Managed to build dt from the latest sources, with no errors.  However, all
attempts to run dt result in the following console display:

        grfmmap(8): addr 10000000
        grfunmap(8): dev a00 addr 0
        grfunlock(8): dev 0 flags 3 lockpid -1
        Segmentation fault

Between the first and second messages, a small portion of the screen is
cleared (about 7 full lines of text, plus the top 5 or 6 pixel rows of the
8th line, which comes to somewhere around 75 or 76 pixel rows).  I suspect
that this has somethine to do with the earlier display that the monitor is
a 320x240 screen, but have no idea how to change that perception.

Anyway, it mostly works.  If I could get the screen set up to let me run
dt, and if I could get rid of those annoying panics, and if I could get the
clock to set correctly, this would qualify (IMHO) as a release-quality

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