Subject: Re: SE/30 owners
To: mike j. laporte <>
From: John D. Smerdon <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 10/22/1994 07:27:36
At  8:59 PM 10/21/94 -0500, mike j. laporte wrote:
>I've seen posts with people running the MacBSD on SE/30's and was wondering
>what your configurations are...

First increase the memory from 5 to 8 at least.  With 5 meg, you swap

Pick up a larger hard disk.  I would have about 32 meg swap (so you have
room to grow without repartioning) and the rest in root&usr.  A fully
installed system is around 60 meg, most of the source is another 90 meg.
You can install all of that on a 240 meg drive, but with very little room
left over to work in.  If you are buying now, the minimum I would purchase
is a 540 meg drive.

With an Internet connection, you probably want to use an ethernet card.
The ethernet driver is still under development.  Maybe someone else will
comment on that.  You can setup a PPP/SLIP connection through the serial
port, but you need to have something on the other end of the serial cable
to talk to.

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