Subject: Re: My attempts to use NetBSD/Mac 1.0_BETA
To: Scott Kaplan <>
From: Charles Ewen MacMillan <ilixi@Tezcat.Com>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 10/22/1994 03:06:06
On Fri, 21 Oct 1994, Scott Kaplan wrote:

> Date: Fri, 21 Oct 1994 19:54:14 -0500
> From: Scott Kaplan <>
> To: macbsd-general@NetBSD.ORG
> Subject: My attempts to use NetBSD/Mac 1.0_BETA
> The install went very smoothly.  No problems.  I began by starting up in
> single user mode, RAM at 8 megs with RAM auto set on anyway.  I managed to
> change my root password.  However, given some small number of commands (it
> seems inconsistent, but between 5 and 10), and commands, the machine
> freezes.  Also, if I try to run adduser (which I can't seem to find
> anywhere, but that's another question), I get a "adduser: command not
> found", the "#" prompt, and an immediate lockup.

 Is MacBSD using the "ttyflags" command? I am not sure how far off 
 you all are from the Amiga and other ports, but this is something
 I came to associate approximately one system build ago with that
 particular command. 

 In general, any output to console stderr would freeze the machines
 after a few tries. The problem went away when I was careful to make
 sure TERM and PATH were set coming out of single user.

> Other questions.  As mentioned earlier, I couldn't find adduser.  Forgive
> my lack of UNIX administration knowledge, but is there something else I
> should be using here?  Or is this just missing?  Second question...what
> about X11?  To be release later when other problems are ironed out?

  Is there in fact an "adduser" in any of these ports? I have not seen
 one in any rev I have yet worked with. You should make sure that 
 /usr/share is mounted, TERM and PATH are configured, and exported
 and then run "vipw" to add a user.

 Charles Ewen MacMillan

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