Subject: My attempts to use NetBSD/Mac 1.0_BETA
To: None <>
From: Scott Kaplan <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 10/21/1994 19:54:14
Okay, the minute that the 1.0_BETA directory opened, I grabbed it all and
dove right in.  So, here are the troubles that I'm having.  I hope my
details aren't insufficient, and if so, tell me and I'll try it all again
to get more information.

First, I'm running a IIci with 8 megs RAM and a 100 meg drive (75 root&usr,
25 swap).  I have a Toby Frame buffer 8-bit video card, a 3Com Ethernet
card, and a 128k Micron XCeed cache card.  (This is, incidentally, the IIci
that I gave to Lawrence to work with a couple of months ago.)

The install went very smoothly.  No problems.  I began by starting up in
single user mode, RAM at 8 megs with RAM auto set on anyway.  I managed to
change my root password.  However, given some small number of commands (it
seems inconsistent, but between 5 and 10), and commands, the machine
freezes.  Also, if I try to run adduser (which I can't seem to find
anywhere, but that's another question), I get a "adduser: command not
found", the "#" prompt, and an immediate lockup.

While I thought this might have something to do with my settings--that
these lockups might not happen in multiple-user mode, or that the
non-contiguous memory problem of the IIci wasn't completely fixed and I'd
have to go to 4 megs.  So I tried rebooting MacBSD with every combination
of these seeting.  While it seems to take closer to 10 commands under 4
megs of RAM, I still suffer from these lockups.

So, am I goofing something up?  Or is this just the instability we were
warned about?  Or is it my machine architechture?

Other questions.  As mentioned earlier, I couldn't find adduser.  Forgive
my lack of UNIX administration knowledge, but is there something else I
should be using here?  Or is this just missing?  Second question...what
about X11?  To be release later when other problems are ironed out?

Mostly I'm interested in getting this running so that I might be of help on
Ethernet driver if I'm just being a horrible novice about
setting up a UNIX machine, please try not to come down too hard on me.

Scott Kaplan