Subject: Re: Another Mac IIsi install
To: None <>
From: John Wittkoski <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 10/21/1994 07:58:14
> This is completely normal.  The first scsi device found will map
> to sd0, the second device found will map to sd1, etc.
> Example:  suppose a given system has these SCSI devices
> SCSI ID     device
> -------     ------
>    0         sd0
>    2         sd1
>    4         sd2
>    5         sd3

Ok. But the possible problem I see is this: Let's say you add a new 5GB
hard drive so that you can compile even more stuff. :-)  You choose to use
scsi id 1 for the new device. Now the mapping will look like this:
	0	sd0
	1	sd1
	2	sd2
	4	sd3
	5	sd4

So you have to remake your fstab entries to reflect the new mapping.
Of course, this wouldn't happen if you choose scsi id 6 for the new drive.
The other platforms I've worked on just map scsi id X to sdX, and that is 
what I was expecting here. I'm not saying this is a big problem or 
anything, it just confused me when I first tried to get everything working. 


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