Subject: Just one more data point... (sorry for the forward!)
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Subject: Just one more data point...
To: macbsd-general@MacBSD.ORG

        Well, there seems to be a fair amount of confusion as to which set of
the archives are indeed correct.  I don't intend to shed any light on this, just
to tell my story and ask a few questions.
        I've got a plain vanilla IIx, 8 megs RAM, external 340 MB HD & a 40 MB
internal.  I just this last weekend finished installing the compleat set of
archives off gatekeeper ( onto a 100 MB partition on my 340MB
external.  I got the file out of the folder .../NetBSD_Mac/1.0-BETA/ because
cray-ymp denied me access to the same folder!  I created a split file system
(seperate root and user) with 30 megs for the root and 50 megs for the /usr, as
well as an 18 meg swap partition and a 3 meg recovery partition (all using La
Cie's Silverlining).  The install went just fine, and I had no problems booting
into single user mode.  /usr mounted right up, and I was ready to boot mulit!
        On boot to multi-user, the system kept repeating the script message over
and over, asking me to identify the SCSI ID of my root.  This message was
interspersed with messages that it couldn't mount sd0a read/write!!  But, but,
but my root device is sd1a!!!  So I booted single user, hand created an fstab
file with the appropriate information, nuked the script and had no problems
booting multi at that point.  Tonight I get to see if I can configure the system
to access my laserwriter!!

        So on to the questions!!

        1)  I got the files from gatekeeper because cray-ymp denied my access
        to the folder /pub/NetBSD_Mac/BETA-1.0.  The folder I got my binaries
        from on gatekeeper had the same title.  Did I get the latest files?
        Sounds like people are having problems with the new kernels, so I think
        I'll wait to install those!!

        2)  I didn't see an entry in termcap that would allow any of the
        important features of the mac keyboard (arrow keys, etc.).  Has someone
        written an entry, or did I just miss it ??  I'm using vt100 with no
        problems at the moment.

        3)  While I'm not having any problems with normal logins, I've noticed
        that if one logs in to virtual terminal #1 as any user, and then exits
        after any length of time (using exit) that the system crashes to the
        debugger (the kernel debugger I think!!??!!).  This doesn't happen with
        logins to any of the other virtual terminals.  Is this a known
        bug/feature, or is it my system?  I think it has something to do with
        virtual terminal #1 being the system console, but I'm not entirely

        4)  How does one perform a system shutdown (w /power off) without first
        executing shutdown -r ???  Rebooting to the GUI to shut off the power
        seems to doing things the hard way, but...

        5)  My partitioning program created an AU/X recovery partion (3 megs)
        as part of the standard AU/X volume creation process.  Does MacBSD use
        this partion for anything ???

        6)  Does anyone have any experience (positive or negative) with
        Silverlining ???  It sort of munged my Mac side file system and I
        need some advice on how to proceed.  Figured I'd ask here since it
        occured while creating the AU/X partions!

                                                        Erik Vogan