Subject: Re: Another Mac IIsi install
To: grantham <>
From: David Holcomb <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 10/19/1994 21:50:27
Appendix-less Brad wrote:
> John Wittkoski writes:
> > has hfs, root/usr, and swap. When booting, the kernel sets target device
> > 0 to sd0, and target device 2 to sd1. I'll look inot it further.
> Let me (us) know what you find.
This is completely normal.  The first scsi device found will map
to sd0, the second device found will map to sd1, etc.

Example:  suppose a given system has these SCSI devices

SCSI ID     device
-------     ------
   0         sd0
   2         sd1
   4         sd2
   5         sd3

I have the information at home, but each partition maps something
like this:

   Partition  label
   ---------  -----
   Root&Usr     a
   Usr          b (?)
   Swap         g

So Root&Usr for sd0 is sd0a and the swap partition is sd0g.
A Usr-only partition would be sd0b.

I can't remember how the rest of the partitions are labeled.
I think they are just assigned c-f.  The labels don't go past
g or h.  I believe 8 partitions is the max you can have for
any drive.

Allen can correct any inaccuracies here.