Subject: Re: Trouble getting MacBSD to run on my IIci.
To: Chip Burkhead <>
From: John E. Clark <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 10/19/1994 09:18:11
At  8:01 PM 10/18/94 -0400, Chip Burkhead wrote:
>   I have installed the Beta-1 MacBSD files on a hardrive; but when I boot I
>cannot get into multiuser mode. It start with the first config question;
>but will not accept any keyboard input for the unit ID. The system is
>hung at this point. I have been able to get it to boot in single user
>mode; but it hangs up shortly thereafter usually after 2-3 commands.

If you are using the 'netbsd' that is in the OBSOLETE/BETA-1 binaries,
then I don't know what to say.

However, if you put some of the 'netbsd-xxxx' kernels that are found
in the 'new_kernels' directory on, these
kernels seem to be for a later version of the entire binaries.

When I used them on my Mac II, I got a variety of failures, and had
only 'reset' as a recourse. When I used the 'netbsd' that is in the
BETA-1 stuff, I got it to go multi-user.

Points of warning:

1) the rc.distribution that the rc.install copies does not seem to be
marked 'executable' and so one needs to do a manual chmod u+x on
rc.distribution, or just set up fstab manually.

2) The delivered password file has everything disabled. So again a
manual edit of the passwd file is needed to enable at least one
'root' login.

3) The 'terminal type' prompt should be answered with a 'mac' response.
Otherwise it's 'ed' for an editor.....(better dead, than ed)...

(or remember to do TERM=mac; export TERM in 'sh').

(maybe a vt100 would work as well).

The later kernels seem also to not have a built terminal emulated,
but I couldn't tell if this was just having the wrong set of binaries
with the wrong kernel for important things.

Also, there are later binaries to be found on I went
there when was busy, and found both the
source and binary tar files. They could be the same as found on cray-ymp.
I haven't un-gzipt them....

But the sources there are of later vintage, as in recent month or so.

John Clark