Subject: Another Mac IIsi install
To: None <>
From: John Wittkoski <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 10/19/1994 08:54:07
I tried to install MacBSD on my IIsi over the last week or so. It is
on a stock IIsi, 5MB RAM, 80MB HFS HD, a 380MB HD divided into 150MB Root/Usr 
40MB Swap, the remainder as HFS. I'm using the OBSOLETE/BETA-1 tar files with
the kernel.

The thing boots, and can even start to come up into multi-user mode, but I'm
currently having these problems:
1. In single or multiuser mode, if I get a shell, it accepts no keyboard 
2. When booting into multiuser mode, the following command fails:
	/sbin/mount -u /dev/sd1a /
   with an error something like:
	/dev/sd1a, / Specified device does not match mounted device.

Also, does anyone know why scsi drives are labeled in sequence,
(sd0, sd1, as they appear) instead of using their scsi id (sd4 appears if
there is a scsi device 4, etc.). I am just used to the latter, since the
former method may require some changes before a new device is added (unless 
it has a higher scsi id than the existing devices.)

Finally, any word on when the new (1.0, I think) stuff will be ready?

I have been waiting for something like MacBSD, and it is great to see that
it is so far along! It's just frustrating when I can get this far and then
not start using it more.

Thanks for the help.


 John Wittkoski
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