Subject: Install on IIsi?
To: None <>
From: Patrick Killourhy <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 10/17/1994 05:20:17
I'm installing ona a stock IIsi with 5 megs of ram, running system 7.0.1,
all inits off, in 32-bit mode, onto a 70 mb A/UX root&usr partition on
a Maxtor LXT-100S internal drive. there's also an external maxtor 210mb
7213S drive, with two partitions, both HFS. on the internal, besides the
root&usr partition, are an 8 mb a/ux swap partition and a 10 mb HFS 
partition (my boot partition). when I run 'MacBSD Install', I get the
'The application "Unknown" has unexpectedly quit due to an error of type
90.' dialog... i made the a/ux partitions with APS 2.7.3, and ran
mkfs with no reported errors on the root&usr partition... I don't recall
what error code 90 is, and don't have any reference books handy (they're
about 2k miles from me), so I have no idea what's going on ... I do have
system 7 tuneup installed, version 1.1.1, I believe, but I'm not sure...

no other hardware attached to the system, other than a modem, 12" apple
monitor, extended keyboard, and an apple mouse...

anyone have any idea what's going on? Did I miss some crucial step
somewhere? (Am I just too tired to think straight, and making a really
stupid error?)