Subject: kernel compile problems
To: None <macbsd-general@NetBSD.ORG>
From: jeff schindall <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 10/03/1994 11:21:06

I just built a new kernel(BETA1.0, GENERIC) from the 02-Oct-94 source from sun-lamp--I used gcc-2.4.5.

Everything went fine until I ran into an undefined size_t error. 
Well I fixed that, and compiled with only a single warning during the cc
of kern/sys_process.c  (in ptrace):
  cast from pointer to integer of diff size.  

Well I decided to ignore the warning for now and go ahead and test the new kernel.

First a little bit about my system:

        Mac IIcx, 20MB ram, Sys7.1, Mode32 ON, 32Bit Addr on, VM off.
        (boy is this thing slow compared to my 840av)

Also, I removed all the con1-con9 devices, and commented them out of /etc/ttys.

Here are some excerpts from the boot.

        checking for core dump...
        can't find device 46/0
        Oct3 <time> mac-pal savecore: can't find device 46/0
        building databases...
        clearing /tmp
        standart daemons: update cron
        Strarting network daemons:  routed printer inetd
        starting local daemons
        mon oct 3 <time> 

Shortly after this, I am able to login, enter a few commands, then the system 
hangs.  I sorta expected this to happen  due to the compile warning, missing device, and because the kernel may or may not be happy with the 0.9 dist tools and libraries.

Q1:  Was the compiler warning above important? and how do I fix it?

Q2:  What is the device 46/0 that the kernel can't seem to find, and how do I fix it?

Q3:  Any idea why the system hangs after a few minutes?

If I can get stable kernel builds, then I'd like to work on the ethernet card driver code.