Subject: Re: AUX partitions
To: <>
From: jim howard - <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 10/01/1994 19:15:16
> I'm trying to have MacBSD running on a IIvx 5/230 CD but I had problems with A/UX partitioning.
> The 230MB HD has an APS driver installed but only A/UX partitions were created with APS power tools.
> The partitions were:
> 31.5K partition map			1	count with me
> 16K apple_driver43 <-- [deleted]	2
> 20MB mac_os				3
> 40MB mac_os				4
> 20MB mac_os				5
> 10MB mac_os				6
> 10MB mac_os				7
> 20MB mac_os				8
> 50MB mac_os				9
> 10MB A/UX swap			10
> 50MB A/UX root&usr			11

this one's pretty simple from a problem point of view.
you have too many partitions, netbsd/mac only understands eight i believe.
you'll need to repartition the drive to have <= 8 including the driver 
partition. (hex 0->F)

alternately, (im not sure if this will work) try making the 
A/UX partions higher in the list so the extra ones that 
arent seen by netbsd are macOS.

jim h