Subject: None
To: None <>
From: EINN90 A.Astesiano ... <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 10/01/1994 22:49:02
I'm trying to have MacBSD running on a IIvx 5/230 CD but I had problems with A/UX partitioning.
The 230MB HD has an APS driver installed but only A/UX partitions were created with APS power tools.
The partitions were:
31.5K partition map
16K apple_driver43 <-- APS power tools don't like this one (they qualify it as "exotic")
20MB mac_os
40MB mac_os
20MB mac_os
10MB mac_os
10MB mac_os
20MB mac_os
50MB mac_os
10MB A/UX swap
50MB A/UX root&usr

1) MacBSD MKFS after SCSI ID selection says:
Error on SCSIRead(),  #5
Probably just a phase error, ignore the error -- this time.
2) MacBSD MKFS shows me only the first A/UX partition for formatting, so I have 
   to place root&usr before swap (in the manual both root&usr and swap show up),
   but the formatting of root&usr is completed.
3) MacBSD Installer after SCSI ID selection says:
Mounting partition 'A' as /
read_block2:Error on SCSIRead(), # 5
No root partition on drive
Installer failed to initialize VFS mini-kernel.

What am I doing wrong?

	Augusto Astesiano