Subject: Building MacBSD cross on a hostile architecture.
To: None <>
From: Stan Shebs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 09/25/1994 11:14:27
   From: Michael Smith <>
   Date: Mon, 26 Sep 1994 00:45:54 +0930 (CST)

   I would like to build a MacBSD-target gcc/ld on an intel machine, which
   also has gcc as its default compiler.

Since folks at Cygnus are largely responsible for GCC's ability to
cross-compile at all, and because Mac hosting and targeting is one
of my specialties here, I can probably help people with various
issues (at least when I return from my vacation next week).  Ideally,
saying "./configure --target=m68k-apple-netbsd" or some such should
be sufficient to build a cross-compiler from any host, and the m68k-*-netbsd
config does seem to be known to GCC proper, but not to GAS or LD or GDB.
So appropriate config bits will have to be added.

With a bit of work, it should be possible to build a complete MacBSD
using any host.

							Stan Shebs