Subject: Re: mac IIx problems
To: Richard Wackerbarth <>
From: Rob Browning <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 09/20/1994 01:45:27
>The problem is that it is impossible to get any documentation about the
>custom apple hardware and the fx is full of it.

I wonder if this will change in light of Apple's new policies...


(For those who have not seen it.)

>(September 19th 1994) Apple Computer says to expect the first Power
>Macintosh clones by the second half of 1995. No name were mentioned at
>Friday's briefing, but the company is promising licensees in the US, Asia-
>Pacific and European regions. And these will be high-profile
>manufacturers, according to Don Strickland, Apple's Director of licensing.
>To prepare for the move, Apple has developed a separate "identity", for its
>operating system. Licenced products will bear a new MacOS logo. Apple gives
>one reason for the move - the desire to attract more software developers.
>Strickland says virtually all interest is coming from companies who want to
>build PowerPC-based machines, rather that 68k-based Mac clones.
>Apple is offering to supply clone manufacturers with anything from support
>chips, to motherboards to complete systems to re-badge. Whether Apple is
>willing to adapt MacOS to boot on third-party PReP-compliant systems was
>not made clear. However the most likely answer appears to be that it is
>not. If right, this is Bad News for the PowerPC industry, since we will be
>as far away as ever from the goal of a machine capable of running MacOS or
>any of the PReP compliant operating systems. Full analysis and more details
>on both these stories in Friday's issue.
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