Subject: mac IIx problems
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 09/19/1994 18:24:30
Since MacMach has been dead for quite a while now I decided to look
into running MacBSD on my mac

I have downloaded all of the stuff that was there a week ago to
try to run MacBSD on a IIx.  It doesn't boot.  The last thing I see is
'Bye bye' from the booter.

With debug level 6 I can see that the kernel is being loaded.

Looking at the booter source code I can tell I'm getting as far as the
Restart (my machine ejects a floppy), but I'm not sure the restartProc
is getting called. ie no sign of making it to the kernel, no gray bars.

My configuration is a IIx w/ 16mb ram in bank-a, Minimal Sys 7.1,
Mode32, apple 8bit videocard(with 1/2 the memory making it a 4bit
card), and a quantum 105lp drive.

Any sugestions?  Anything will be apreciated.

I actually own a IIfx and borrowed the IIx to see if I can get MacBSD to
work on a IIfx.  Has the IIfx port been worked on by someone else?