Subject: NOT a GNU question (Help with dt)
To: None <>
From: Edward Wolpert <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 09/12/1994 21:17:41
	This is not now, or in any way, a GNU comment. (Surprise)  I'm having
trouble with the dt on an se/30 with an external monitor. Using the July 30
dt code, I rebuild it.  The binary included wanted whereas I have
.12.0  The make built dt fine, but the delta(?) stage didn't go so well.  I
can only assume that was for backups.  Ah well, the glitch...
	I can type about three lines with only my internal monitor attached,
which is how I rebuilt the dt.  It died if I tried to run it with only the
internal attached.  I re-attached my external (640x480,exced color card)
and tried to run it... I was able to modify my .cshrc (root) to auto-magically
start dt.  It died, same messages:
	grfmmap(85):addr 10000000
	grfummap(85):dev a00 addr0
	grfunlock(85):dev 0 flag 3 lockpid -1
	<Core dumpped, made a mess on my nice clean floor>

The questions are as follows:
	1) How can I get dt working on my se/30? (Seems simple, and yes, I've
	   done the mknod... actually it was already done, eh?)
	2) I've read (README) it may not work on two monitor systems, and non-
	   640x480 monitors... Is this true?  Am I SOL?
	3) Anyone want to sell a MacII? ;-)
	4) Currently, NetBSD is running on a Sun3 system, I've been told.  Is
	   it running in good shape?  (No weird adb probs, so normal UNIX
	   should be fine, open arch, so X should be fine too.)  If so, anyone
	   want to sell a Sun3? ;-) ;-)  [For those who don't know, Sun3 is
	   running a m68k chip set like the mac.]  I'm in the processing of 
	   getting a Sun3, and would like to know more info on netbsd for it,
	   could those in the know send me info on where the faq is for this?

Thanks for your help... 
		Edward Wolpert

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