Subject: Re: Mounting A/UX filesystems (was Re: NetBSD/Mac68k and X11 Windows
To: Richard Todd <>
From: David Holcomb <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 09/11/1994 12:43:01
> In servalan.mailinglist.macbsd David Holcomb writes:
> >Not at all.  But you can mount an A/UX filesystem read-only
> >just fine.  But you won't be able to build X11 under A/UX
> You can?  Yow.  That's nice to hear.  I've tried it a few times, but
> with no success. 

Do this:
   1) write down all your scsi device numbers in a column, starting
   with scsi id 0, e.g.
       SCSI ID   Partition type    Device Name
         0            MacOS            sd0
         1            A/UX             sd1
         4            MacBSD           sd2
         5            A/UX             sd3
   2) starting with the first device in the list, number it sd0.  The
   next sd1, the next sd2, and so on.  Note that sd3 is scsi id 4..
   3) for any scsi id with an A/UX filesystem (even MacBSD), if it has
   Root or just root, that partition is "a".  If it has a separate Usr
   partition, it's "g".
   4) now, assuming from the list above I am booting into MacBSD on
   scsi id 4, and the first A/UX partition has a separate Root and Usr
   partition (sd1a and sd1g), I could mount the partitions like this:
     mount -u /   (in case you booted single-user or fstab isn't setup)
     mkdir mnt2
     mount /dev/sd1a /mnt
     mount /dev/sd1g /mnt2
I've only ever mounted an A/UX filesystem with a single Root&Usr
partition (for A/UX 2.0.1 and 3.0).  But if A/UX has a separate Usr
partition, the above should work.

Try it, and let us know what you find out.

Oh, if there are no entries in /dev for the partion you want to mount
(e.g. sd3a doesn't exist), you will have to:
   cd /dev
   MAKEDEV /dev/sd3a 4 24
   MAKEDEV /dev/sd3b 4 25
   MAKEDEV /dev/sd3h 4 31
   MAKEDEV /dev/rsd3a 13 24
   MAKEDEV /dev/rsd3b 13 25

Corrections to the above example are welcome.