Subject: Re: This whole Apple boycott issue
To: None <,>
From: Peter Brewer <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 09/11/1994 02:07:19
It still seems to me that the LPF and rms are almost 'nepotistic' toward
Microsoft. You seem to place all the blame for all the wrongs in 
computerdom on Apple. While it is true that Apple is reponsible for the
'Look & Feel' legal chicanery the LPF and rms in my opinion have not
availed themselve of many possible avenues of 'protest' which currently
exist. Unlike Ralph Nader, (who I guess you are attempting to emulate), you
have not written any letters to V.P. Al Gore, to appropriate Congress
people and legislatures nor to Apple corporate. You have not requested
that others, ( including Mac owners ), follow suit with some 'form'
letter which could easily be mailed to many appropriate Usenet groups.
You have not taken advantage of the fact that major newspapers such as
the Washington Post consider issues such as this one as major news 
vis-a-vis their expanded coverage of the Internet. Instead you whine
about Mac users not 'backing you up' with your silly ineffective 
boycott. You seem to be either too stubborn or inflexible to consider
other alternatives and these attributes do not engender much confidence
in your leadership abilities as far as protesting these type of 
activities by information systems vendors. I agree with your protest
and your feelings about such all pervasive copyright infringement 
law suits. But as others have mentioned Apple is not the only company
capable of such things. Some type of anti-trust legislation must be
put in place to protect against such things and that requires political
action which would engender support throughout the community. Your 
activities up to this point, by your own admission, have been ineffective
as far as accomplishing your stated goals. Please reconsider and 
restructure your methods or dissolve them now.

-- Peter