Subject: Re: This whole Apple boycott issue
To: None <>
From: Richard Stallman <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 09/11/1994 02:50:51
The boycott is the issue that was first mentioned here, but it's not
the LPF's main focus.

    Unlike Ralph Nader, (who I guess you are attempting to emulate), you
    have not written any letters to V.P. Al Gore, to appropriate Congress
    people and legislatures nor to Apple corporate.

The League for Programming Freedom's letter-writing campaign gave the
Congressional intellectual property subcommittees more mail against
software patents than they had ever received on any issue in their
whole history.

This success resulted because our position paper on software patents
was published in the Communications of the ACM.  We haven't found a
way to duplicate it, though.

     You have not requested
    that others, ( including Mac owners ), follow suit with some 'form'

Politicians recognize form letters and pay much less attention to them
than to individually written letters.  So whenever you write to your
representatives, it is much better to write a letter in your own
words, even if it is just ten lines long.

That's why the LPF says just "write to your congressman and senators"
and does not hand out form letters to send.

    You have not taken advantage of the fact that major newspapers such as
    the Washington Post consider issues such as this one as major news 
    vis-a-vis their expanded coverage of the Internet.

Please be patient--I heard about this for the first time a few days
ago, on this list.  I don't know if anyone else in the LPF has heard
of it.  This might be a useful avenue to follow.  Would you like to
tell me more details about what the Post does and how to communicate
with them?

     Some type of anti-trust legislation must be

An anti-trust law would not help; it would only apply to the very
biggest companies, such as Microsoft; it might not apply to a smaller
one, such as Lotus and Apple.  What we need to do is clarify copyright
law so that look and feel lawsuits are impossible.

This is the main focus of the LPF.  The idea of not buying from Apple
is just another suggestion for what people can do.

In order to do new things, such as try the Washington Post angle, the
LPF needs more members who want to organize and write.  Would you like
to help?