Subject: Re: Why debate Apple boycott here??
To: None <>
From: Richard Stallman <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 09/11/1994 01:34:34
This list is just the right place to talk about the boycott, and the
Apple lawsuit, and look and feel lawsuits in general, because
programming freedom is crucial to projects such as NetBSD.

A project like NetBSD, or the GNU project which inspired it, would be
impossible if we do not have freedom to implement the well-known Unix
interfaces that users want.  And improving such a system to cater to
non-hackers will be impossible if we do not have freedom to implement
a good GUI.

Perhaps some people on the list don't care about this, but I know that
some do care.  Some have asked me for more info about the League for
Programming Freedom.  Probably others have asked, or
got the LPF's materials from /doc/lpf on  Some may even
join the LPF--since there's no requirement that you have to boycott

When you decide that your freedom isn't important, or that nothing can
be done to protect it, then you won't keep it for long.