Subject: Re: NetBSD/Mac68k and X11 Windows
To: David Holcomb <>
From: Chris G. Demetriou <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 09/10/1994 01:47:31
> Not at all.  But you can mount an A/UX filesystem read-only
> just fine.  But you won't be able to build X11 under A/UX
> and expect it to run under MacBSD by copying it over.  You'll
> get a warning, something like, "Incompatible binary format."
> (or maybe it's "Unrecognized"?)

"actually, here's something for somebody who's really bored..."

unless i'm mistaken, A/UX uses COFF (or maybe ECOFF) as its binary
type...  it shouldn't be that hard to get an exec loader working for
it, and get some simple binaries running...

If one of you wants to give it a whack, and needs some help
understanding how compat code works, feel free to send me mail about
it...  (i tend to be relatively slow about getting back to peoples'
mail... if you make your question interesting...  8-)

It should be possible: currently NetBSD (on the appropriate
architectures) can run most SunOS binaries, some Ultrix binaries, some
IBCS2 binaries, some SVR4 binaries, and some binaries from an OS that
i'm not going to mention right now...

In fact, to get emulation for the 'simpler' syscalls is probably
_really_ easy.  it was only a couple of days work to get most
statically linked binaries for the OS not named above running,
including things like 'telnet', and the OS in question is in some ways
_radically_ different than anything NetBSD had ever seen before...