Subject: Re: partitioning
To: Ethan Gold <>
From: David Holcomb <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 09/09/1994 01:21:32
>         What option do I want when using Silverlining to partition a 230MB
> drive to accept macbsd? I would like a 50mb or so Mac partition and a 16mb
> swap and the rest as root&usr. Help!
The easiest way to get this done right the first time is to start
from scratch and re-format your drive.  Choose Drives->Tests & Format...
than click <Format>.

1) Double-click on SilverLining (I am assuming you have 5.5.4.  I
   can't vouch for other versions.)
2) Click on the SCSI id of the drive
3) For at least the first partition, you have to select "Remove all
   existing partitions first" after step 4.
4) Select Volume->Partition Types from menu for each of these
   a) A/UX Root&Usr Slice 0
   b) A/UX Swap Slice 1
   c) Macintosh Volume
5) Click <Update>.  It will complain, but do it anyway.
6) Change the sizes of your partitions.  Make swap at least twice
   size of your RAM if you have 8M.  For 4M or 5M you might want
   more reserved for swap.  For 16M or more, you can probably get
   away with less, but the recommendation is always twice the size
   of your available RAM.  When you try to change the size, there
   is a check box in the lower left corner, I think, that you have
   to check to change the size.
7) Click <Update> again.
8) cmd-Q

*Note:  for those of you who do *not* want a Mac partition (i.e.,
you want it all for BSD), just add the first two partitions in step
4 above.  By clicking on <Update> before changing the size, you will
prevent SilverLining from trying to change your Swap partition to
a Mac partition.  It seemes to expect that you will install a Mac
partition and makes that substitution for you.

If you screw up, start all over again and "Remove all existing
partitions" or re-format the drive.