Subject: Re: Merger
To: Richard Stallman <>
From: Rob Browning <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 09/06/1994 21:41:12
>Apple users do not have a special ability to make our point with more
>force than other computer users.  If we stop boycotting Apple, we will
>be addressing ourselves solely to Congress.  Apple users have no
>special line to Congress.

I agree that Apple users have no special influnece over Congress.  However,
I think that you misunderstood my point.  I was claiming to believe two

1) Apple users might have more influence over Apple than users of other
computers because Apple will want to keep its current user base and their
positive opinions/recommendations.

2) Even if they don't, _users_, by sheer force of numbers (as compared to
the number of programmers) should be much louder (i.e. more effective) when
complaining, even if you only get a fraction of them convinced.

All of this was based on my, perhaps erroneous, initial impression that you
were advocating that programmers boycott Apple, under the assumption that
their pressure alone would be strong enough to make the changes.  I was
just making the case that the users' pressure should be stronger, and
outlining how I thought you might bring it to bear.


(I'll shut up now and quit aggravating the macbsd list :>  Thanks for the