Subject: Re: Not using apple
To: None <>
From: Richard Todd <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 09/06/1994 21:31:59 (Peter BREWER) writes:

>MacBSD depends a great deal on the software developed by the FSF who
>is associated with the LPF and is led by Richard Stallman. FSF is

>If MacBSD is to succeed as a viable product and perhaps evolve into
>what I call "XUxA" (A/UX backwards and a famous Brazilian entertainer.)
>it is critical to obtain support and sustenance from the FSF.

Oh, horsefeathers.  Speaking as someone who's been using A/UX since
before the boycott started, and has most of GNU's Greatest Hits in his
/usr/local/bin, the lack of "support" from the FSF is at most a minor
annoyance. And given that very little of the code actually cares about
the machine (as opposed to the processor and the OS), the prospects are that
porting GNU code to NetBSD/mac should be even easier.  In short, the only
effect of the boycott will be its usual one, provoking messages from RMS. 
Any effect on the NetBSD/mac project will be somewhere between 'slim' and
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