Subject: Re: Not using apple
To: Keenan Brock <>
From: Peter BREWER <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 09/05/1994 23:48:19
On Sun, 4 Sep 1994, Keenan Brock wrote:

> Date: Sun, 04 Sep 1994 14:32:11 EDT
> From: Keenan Brock <>
> To:
> Subject: Not using apple
> I do not know much about the Microsoft copyright.  I do not know much about
> Apple's court case.  But I do know one thing.
> This is a NetBSD project.  One of its main points is to develope a kernel
> for the Macintosh.
> Thank you for all your information.  But I'd rather be reading about our
> project and not about how terrible the Macintosh is.  I know Macintosh has
> not been a perfect monopoly in the past.  Neither has Microsoft, Intel, or
> IBM.
> Please tell us where to read about this information on the net and those of
> us who wish to learn more will go there.
> Thank you
> Keenan
> <Flame me if you wish.  I am trying to be as polite as possible>

MacBSD depends a great deal on the software developed by the FSF who
is associated with the LPF and is led by Richard Stallman. FSF is
developing a public domain kernel called the Hurd. FSF has developed
the C compiler you are using called gcc, also many of the applications
associated with NetBSD & Linux. The Linux kernel is based on early
versions of the HURD to some extent. 

If MacBSD is to succeed as a viable product and perhaps evolve into
what I call "XUxA" (A/UX backwards and a famous Brazilian entertainer.)
it is critical to obtain support and sustenance from the FSF.

-- Peter

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