Subject: Alternatives to the Mac.
To: None <,>
From: Richard Stallman <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 09/05/1994 04:53:25
    >Now, the easy solution would be for me to just move to the next closest
    >thing which *is* supported by the FSF.  Namely, a DOS PC.

If you want to consider a PC, consider a PC runninga free operating
system such as GNU/Linux, or BSD--not DOS.  That is the real easy

More and more, free systems are available on other machines too.  The
GNU Hurd will be usable fairly soon, and that will give us free
systems on Mips machines and on HP PA machines, plus whatever others
have free Mach ports.

    >Instead of trying to hurt everyone who uses Macintosh computers because
    >of something Apple did, maybe what the FSF should be doing is trying to
    >set an example for Apple of how far their computer system can go if they
    >*don't* waste time trying to hoard their code and their ideas?

Apple is one of a handful of companies that have tried look and feel
lawsuits.  They had, and have, plenty of examples of how not to do
that.  Just about every other company in the software industry is an

Please forgive me, but it seems pollyannaish to think that one
additional example will make a difference.