Subject: Re: Merger
To: None <>
From: Richard Stallman <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 09/04/1994 17:50:37
       Castigating somebody for purchasing hardware from Apple
    in that context is simply irrelevant

I agree.  The LPF never castigates people for buying Apple computers,
or even for writing software for those computers.  We just try to
convince them it is in their long-term interest not to do this.

    Whether or not they buy Apple computers is immaterial - if they are on
    our side, they can help us to finally win the battle in Congress.

It is true that they can help us this way if they are on our side.
Whether they buy Apple computers is immaterial for *that*.  But this
doesn't mean that the LPF's condemnation of Apple can't do any good.

Would we win substantially more support for other LPF activities if we
drop the boycott?  I am not sure.  We may get more support from Apple
customers.  We may get less support from other people.  Anger at
Apple, and the Fanged Apple button, are effective for raising support.
Most of the people we look for support from are not Apple customers.