Subject: Reply to Merger
To: Richard Stallman <>
From: None <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 09/03/1994 00:14:50
>     It is really
>     Microsoft who determines which machine we program on and what 
>     environment we work in. They now represent the force to restrict a
>     programmer's freedom.
> As far as I know, Microsoft has not tried to restrict the freedom of
> programmers.  Microsoft has been attacked with both look and feel
> lawsuits and patent lawsuits, and has fought back when attacked, but
> has never started such hostilities with anyone else.
> If you believe you know of a specific case where they have done so,
> please send me details.  It may be true.  Or it may be a false rumor.

Uh, isn't that part of why there was an anti-trust suit against
Microsoft?  As I recall, one of the (few) complaints actually 
addressed by the suit settlement was to bar Microsoft from their
very restrictive development agreements.  If I remember right,
Microsoft was alledgedly requiring developers getting some prerelease
code to sign non-disclosures that effectively barred them from
doing development work based on other vendors products - locking
them into MS products.  Even the government considers that
restricting freedom.  What about harware bundle agreements that
required dealers to pay for the OS even if they didn't install
it on a PC - effectively eliminating other OS options for that
vendor?  Isn't that restricting freedom?  

The Apple laswsuit agains MS is over.  I hear Apple is licensing
system 7 to other companies.  Apple hasn't done (or been charged)
with the anti-trust issues MS was charged with.  Isn't it about 
time this boycott be dropped?  We are the ones suffering as a result
of the boycott, not Apple.  You wanted change.  Apple has made
a lot of changes.  Let it go.  Let us all benefit.

Wes Palmer