Subject: Re: Merger
To: kr <>
From: Ted Lemon <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 09/02/1994 08:49:42
But of course what arguments like this ignore is that Apple doesn't
give a flying boink about unix weenies or hackers in general - their
market is people who don't know how to program and don't want to know
how to program, and those customers are not affected one iota by the
GNU boycott.   Indeed, the only way to get at those customers and
potentially change their minds is with actual free software.

The interesting thing about Apple customers is that by and large
they're rebels.  They don't want crappy MS-DOS or MS-Windows, and the
Mac is the only alternative that they see.  So they buy it and work
themselves up to a religious fervor about it.  If you know any Mac
people, you've undoubtedly seen this.

Get these people on the side of Free Software, and you'd have a potent
voice for change in the industry.   Spurn them, and they'll assume
that you're an asshole and treat you accordingly.   Unfortunately,
most of these people hear about GNU only in the context of ``GNU hates
your guts because you have an Apple and like it'', so they naturally
assume that GNU is a flakey fringe organization.   Sigh.