Subject: Re: Merger
To: Brian Kendig <>
From: Allen `Tell me three times' Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 08/30/1994 07:18:25
[ Here we go again... ]

> What's wrong with the GNU license?  Maybe I'm just naive, but I thought
> it was a *good* thing?  Or do the NetBSD people hope to make their code
> commercial someday, or do they not plan to make all of the source public?

It's a religious issue.  The core of NetBSD follows the tradition of
earlier Berkeley releases of not restricting the use of their code for
basically any purpose.  As long as due credit is given.  If someone
wants to make money off of hoarding their changes and selling it.  Fine.
Let them try to keep up.  That's my opinion.  The GNU license fits
some things quite well--like gcc.  As I said, though, it's a religious
issue and probably not fit for the mailing list.  More than 'nuff said ;-)


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