Subject: Re: NetBSD question
To: None <>
From: Mark Graham AUFFLICK <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 08/30/1994 12:27:06
Allen `Tell me three times' Briggs Postulated thus ...
<-->> Any idea when BSD will be able to be run on more recent macs? I have a LC
<-->> 575 and I'd like to learn UNIX without having to telnet to my server. 
<-->No.  Currently, none of the main developers of MacBSD have one of these
<-->machines.  I have a Q700 and I'm working on that, but I have no idea how
<-->similar it is to an LC575.
<-->If you know of anyone willing to donate a machine to one of us, then a
<-->port might happen sooner.  If someone gets it working and donates the
<-->code, we'll certainly use it.

Well I have a 575 & like porting stuff - but as the 575 (& other newer
macs) are quite different, I think it would be wisest to wait until it
works on older '040 machines (deal with one problem at a time). Of
course that still leaves the FPU problem...

Has anyone spoken to the authr of Software FPU?:

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