Subject: Re: Merger//dt and july94 kernels on SE30
To: Chris G. Demetriou <>
From: Greg Ames <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 08/29/1994 20:22:22
>> Any plans to merge efforts with the guys up in Maine who are doing
>> the Linux port? It would seem to make sense as you have a much
>> stronger knowledge base at this point than they do.
>I can't speak for the Alice people, but this would be seriously
>frowned upon.  Linux is covered by the license terms of the GNU
>General Public License, and the people working on NetBSD do not
>allow that license anywhere _near_ our kernel code.

What's the incompatiblity between NetBSD and the GPL?  Am I correct
that it is because NetBSD is still under the UCB copyright (I don't
have any code to refer to; it's at home)?

While I'm chewing up bandwidth (munch,munch)... Has anyone had any
luck running the netbsd-070894 and netbsd-071194 kernels on an SE/30
with dt?

When I start up dt, the lines of text start in the center of the
screen.  When I scroll to the bottom of the screen, dt seg faults and
dumps core (where it dumps it, I know not...)  I also had problems
even logging in with these kernels; the machine freezes up before I
can get past the login/password prompts.  I assume this is related to
the "missed key-up when the window scrolls"; I can get the repeating
"#"'s easily when I boot single user.

I added 4M ram to my machine this past weekend (now at 8M total),
thanks to a kind soul at work who let me some spare SIMM's.  What a
difference!  Not as substantial as when I went from 4M->5M, but
noticeable (4M == "gcc -c hello.c" was running for an hour before I
killed it!)

Greg "buying-a-big-drive-soon-to-hack-some-kernel" Ames